About Bhopal

The City of Lakes,Bhopal capital of Madhya Pradesh, is a fascinating amalgam of scenic beauty, old historic city and modern urban planning. It consist of various natural as well as artificial lakes and is also one of the greenest cities in India, Paving its way to future city.

Bhopal has been selected as one of the first twenty Indian cities to be developed as a smart city under PM Narendra Modi’s flagship Smart Cities Mission and will be the first smart city of India in coming years.

scenic view of Bhopal

How to reach Bhopal

Bhopal by Air

Bhopal Airport is well connected with rest of the major cities and towns such as Mumbai, Indore, Gwalior and Delhi. The airport is located at a distance of 15 km from the heart of the city.You can easily book flights to Bhopal. Tourists may hire a taxi or a cab from the airport to reach the place smoothly.
Nearest Airport : Raja Bhoj Airport, Bhopal

Bhopal Airport
Raja Bhoj Airport, Bhopal

Bhopal by railways

Their are two major railway station in the city. The Bhopal Junction Railway Station (BPL) and Habibganj Railway Station (HBJ) which both are well connected with all major railheads of the country.

Bhopal by road-transport

City has passage of NH No.12, NH 86 and NH no. 17 which connects it to all major city. It also has very well connectivity to nearby places.

Places to Explore.

  • The 10th biggest mall in India, the DB City Mall, that happens to be the largest mall in whole of the Central India.
  • The second largest mosque in India, the Taj-ul-Masajid.
  • Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya – National Museum of Mankind.
  • Many dams in and around Bhopal. Kerwa Dam, Kolar Dam, Halali Dam etc.
  • The Upper Lake. Sheer beauty. Yeah, the lower lake too.
  • Van Vihar National Park.
  • Bharat Bhawan : for the performing and visual arts.
  • The Birla Mandir.
  • Manua Bhan ki Tekri.
  • Gauhar Mahal if you are an art lover.
  • Gufa Mandir.
  • Islamnagar.
    Around the city,

    The Sanchi Stupa
    Bheembetika Rock shelters.
    Bhojpur Temple.


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Picture Shows Manua Bhan ki Tekri and Taj-ul-Masajid


Place to Check-in

Bhopali’s are not just good at welcoming but also good at providing a luxurious experience of comfort stay. These few hotels are enchanting on which anyone can count on anytime.

High Range Hotels:

  • Jeha Numa Palace
  • Sayaji Hotel
  • Courtyard Marriott
  • Noor-Us-Sabah Palace
  • Jeha Numa Retreat
  • Ashoka Lakeview
  • Hotel Amer Greens
  • The Residency Bhopal

Medium Range Hotels:

  • Hotel Rajhans Regent
  • Jains Hotel Rajhans, MP Nagar
  • Hotel Shree Vatika
  • Hotel Sarthak New Market
  • Hotel Shree Vinayak Palace
  • Hotel Reshumrao
  • Hotel K International
  • Hotel Shagun

These hotels are good and have good amenities, We will add more in the list as we explore some more good hotels.

If you are a foodie, roam around in the streets of the old city and they’ll serve your taste buds really well.

People of Bhopal: 

Bhopal the city of nawabs welcomes people from all around the world it is home for people from all backgrounds and these people are called as Bhopali. People are well educated and simple. City has ebullience of tech-freak students. Lifestyle of its inhabitant posses both western and traditional essence.

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In the airport follow the signs “Tourist visa on arrival”. There they will take your fingerprints and put the visa in your passport. And finally you are on your way to WordCamp Bhopal (^_^).

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Why you should attend WordCamp Bhopal

Readers, this might be the first question wandering in your mind when you heard about WordCamp Bhopal.. Isn’t it? We are going to provide you handful reasons for being a part of WordCamp.

Do you know that WordCamp Bhopal is the only event to be conducted by WordPress community in central India this year. Complementary to other three WordCamps – Nashik , Pune and Mumbai (successfully organised in March) in India, immeasurable efforts are drawn by organisers and volunteers to make WordCamp Bhopal a remarkable event.

What’s it all about

WordCamp is an international conference where freelancers, developers, bloggers and publishers participate, sharing common interest owing to WordPress. The standard and esteem of this event is incomparable. Being an adjunct of WordCamp Bhopal, will not only amplify your interest in WordPress but also forge you as a lead in blogging business.


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Call for Volunteers

WordCamp Bhopal 2016 is on track.  The venue is, Lakshmi Narain College of Technology, Bhopal.

We already have some volunteers, who have been attending our regular monthly meetups. Please feel free to join the Bhopal WordPress Meetup group.

WordCamps are not possible without a community of volunteers. If you would like to volunteer please get in touch with us by filling in details in the form below.

One way of the best ways to volunteer is by spreading the word about WordCamp Bhopal.