Aditya Shah

Aditya is a freelance WordPress Developer. He’s the lead organizer and curator.

Aditya has been learning and learning new things and technology which allows him to get the best out of everything! He is a student and currently pursuing bachelors of Engineering degree in Bhopal .

Twitter: @ethicaladitya

Rishabh Chandrayan

Rishabh is a freelance WordPress  developer and a hard-core FOSS enthusiast. He is in-charge of Budget and Sponsorship.

A Computer Science undergrad who is an epic foodie and an addicted Googler. He can always have a solution for any situation (no matter how creepy it is). Besides this, he is a huge EDM addict and also a producer(sort of 😛 )


Raj Nilayam

Raj Nilayam is a freelance web developer and FOSS lover.He has developed many websites using WordPress.

Raj enjoy work that challenges him to learn something new and stretch in a different direction. He has focused his energies on the web, which happily has proven itself to be a wonderful decision.Currently a student, pursuing his bachelors degree in Bhopal.
Twitter : @rajnilayam

Gourav Tiwari

Gourav is a student, story writer, techie, socialist and a actor. He is a incharge of venue, volunteers.
Gourav like to meet new people, making friends. He is a good anchor but a better coordinator. He knows how to handle difficult situations.

Amisha Jain

Amisha is a freelance content writer, handling sponsorship ward of WordCamp Bhopal.
She is a graduate in mechanical engineering , proving out to be bolt from the blue among many software engineers engaged in WordPress. Her quirk of writing blogs provided her a platform, leading her in the world of WordPress.

Tanay Saraf

Tanay Saraf is a proficient graphic designer. He is Talented, Reliable, Determined and Focused. Tanay is liberal, fun-loving, sensitive guy who has an avid interest in photography and cinematography too. Tanay is an all-rounder here who is adored by all.