Sachin Artani


Sachin is a WordPress Developer, a Web Designer and a Story Writer. He is working as a web designer at WordCamp 2016, Bhopal.
He is an optimist,samaritan and a generous person. Coding is his passion and thus he is moving forward for better improvement of Tech society. He is currently pursuing his bachelor of degree in Bhopal.


Website: http://sachinartani.com
Twitter: @Sachin_Artani


Udit Jain


He is a student pursuing his bachelor degree from LNCT, Bhopal.
He is a freelancer, with a good relationship skills his passion for dancing is incredible. His fingers on guitar gives out soothing music that drives u into the world of creativity.


Twitter: @udit_jain_here


Yash Kumar Hemnani


Yash is cheerful and spontaneous person, someone who lightens the mood. He has keen sense when dealing with other people, very perceptive, witty and clever. Yash is an affable, lively and amusing conversationalist, who is always willing to help. His wise hands on the keyboard helps him to do graphic designing video making and programming.

Twitter: @yash_hai_hum


Raj Tiwari

Raj tiwari

He is a Computer Science Undergrad who has his hands rolling over creative stuffs like Writing, Photography, Graphic Designing, Music etc. He is a aspiring Web Developer and SEO Analyst. Be it Technology or Creative , He always try to produce things Out of the Box.



Shreya Singh

Shreya Singh

She is a receptive charismatic upbeat reliable brave person. She is the one who believes in action not in words.

Twitter: @Shreyasingh21


Arpita Vishwakarma

Arpita Vishwakarma

Lively, outgoing with quirky sense of humor Arpita is a voracious reader and an articulate writer and when she is in, she is all in.
She is an endearing personality who loves volunteering and is fairly easy going.


Shubham Agrawal

Shubham Agrawal

He is a tech geek, outborn writer and
Imminent infopreneur. His diverse solution over a problem make him stand unique.


Deepansh Gupta

Deepansh Gupta

He is a passionate coder and developer pursuing his bachelor degree in Computer Science from OIST, bhopal. He works as an intern with Poogli.com & MediCloud365. He is also working on his own startup idea. His managerial skills, efficacious public speaking & a strong entrepreneurial drive defines his dynamic personality.


Minesh Chandel

Minesh Chandel

He is proactive pursuing his degree in Computer Science from OIST, Bhopal. In the era of rapidly changing communications, he has got the impeccable and influential communication skills. His presence of mind while dealing with unenviable situation enhances his personality. He is also currently working on his startup idea.

Animesh Jain


He is a freelance web developer and currently pursuing engineering from oriental college of technology. He is broad minded person with too creative thoughts and soon be registering his own company.

Aditi Gangrade