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Carrier opportunities in WordPress – Panel

End Credits & Goodbyes

Nurturing local WordPress community – Panel Discussion

A panel discussion.

An introduction to WordPress – Puneet Sahalot

As the title goes, I would like to introduce the audiences with WordPress. Starting with a brief history of how WP evolved from a blogging platform to a CMS. How WP is presently used to build not just blogs but, various kind of websites.

Stop coding, start assembling your websites

Here is the high level outline for my talk

What it means to “assemble a website”?
Identifying Various components of a website required to assemble them.
Tools available to enable assembling of websites
Pro and Cons of using themes to assemble websites
Page Builder Plugins
Divi plugin
Beaver Builder
Velocity pages
Pros and Cons of using Page Builder
Shortcode Platforms
Toolset Plugins
Awesome Studio Platform
Pros and Cons of Shortcode Platforms
Can we truly Assemble a website?
What is future of developing websites.

How to Translate a WordPress Theme/Plugin

Two-thirds of WordPress users live outside the US.

That’s a lot of people who probably speak English as a second language – and also people who develop websites for those who might not speak English at all.

So wish to throw some light on translating WordPress. Will be discussing few things I learnt through my journey as a GTE for Marathi WordPress project.If you have any suggestions please let me know .

Building high quality WordPress agency in India!

India has the second largest population in the world. More than a million people are directly working in IT sector.

Yet, WordPress agency or in general any software agency in India, or even in South Asia is often mistaken as that agency which does low quality work for ridiculously low rates!

When we started in 2009, it was very clear that we are not going to be part of this “race to the bottom” culture. We wanted to work on projects that were exciting and challenging. A kind of work that makes you proud at the end of the day!

I would like to talk about how we used innovative methods to hire passionate people, what challenges we faced in motivating our employees to be core contributors, nurturing a culture of giving back to open source and how it all helped us stand out.

The result – I am glad to say that I have the privilege to lead and work in one of the most talked about WordPress agencies in India, which is also first and only VIP partner from India and Asia.

Why We Indian Developers Fail… And what you can do about it..

We are Indian Developers. What China is to manufacturing, India is to software development. Cheap, Bulk, Inferior Quality. And let’s face the truth, for the most part, that argument is not wrong. Consider your colleagues and co-workers. Do you think they have great talent? Are they very good developers?

The sad thing is that we did not design ourselves for mediocrity and failures. It’s the way our brains are wired. In most cases, we don’t even know we are lousy. Let’s take this opportunity to look within and uncover the deepest sources of our biggest limitations. Let’s dig to the roots of our reality. Because awareness precedes change!

While we’ll cover a lot of painful things about ourselves in this talk, I promise you will walk out with a lot more power.

Why choose a career in open source (WordPress)

It will be interactive session –

– What is open-source?
– OSS impact on the world
– Free and open web – Why we need to protect it?
– Why WordPress?
– GPL, Software as philosophy, career prospects!
– What should you be doing for a career in open source

Collaboration Oriented Development

How to introduce contribution sockets in an open source project with lessons from the WordPress project and other WordPress related projects.

Key points:
1. Contribution and contributor oriented development vs maintainer oriented development.
2. Support as the key contributor recruitment tool.
3. Hand-holding new contributors to independence.

Contributing to WordPress

Various ways one could contribute to WordPress.