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WooCommerce is our Gold Global Sponsor. We are glad to have their support in making this WordCamp and many more across the globe happen.

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Introducing our first Global Gold Sponsor – Jetpack

Jetpack is our first Gold Global Sponsor. We are glad to have their support in making this WordCamp and many more across the globe happen.

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What is Wordcamp?

WordCamps are those casual, empowering,informative and inspiring conferences which are organised in order to make people aware of WordPress and everything related to it. Since years WordPress has been the largest self hosted blogging platform pertaining to nearly 26% of world websites. It is the biggest blogging and publishing software which empowers around 1/4th of the sites of web.

The first ever WordCamp event was organised in San Francisco in the year 2006. Subsequent to that, WordCamps are now organised by local WordPress communities throughout the world. WordCamps are special conferences which mainly focus on using WordPress in more emphatic ways, using its plugins ,theme development etc. WordCamps cover interactive sessions,guest lectures, presentations and many such educative talks which makes you aware to the Nerves of WordPress.

WordCamps are widely attended by people ranging from WordPress developers , professional to beginners and people who urge to learn new. The event is organised in such a way that, it turns out to be the most memorable day for all the attendees. It is open to all people from developers, designers to newbies. Not only the technocrats can build up their mind, but also for people with realistic talents like singing, dancing may also get bumped into you during the event. You’ll meet a lot a crazy talents out their to amplify your talent and produce astonishing .

WordCamps are probably the best deal that occurs in years at your place or maybe,You get to attend one as these are featured with experienced speakers from web world who are their to share their knowledge.

Unlike other conferences, it is a low-entitled conference which focuses on using of WordPress blogging, issues around blogging, the blogging business ,social media and things revolving around WordPress. Its a great opportunity for WordPress users and others to be a part of great communal activity , to learn and inspire.

So, If there’s already a WordCamp scheduled for your place, go for it. Hurry, because you never know when they run out tickets..!

Why you should attend WordCamp Bhopal

Readers, this might be the first question wandering in your mind when you heard about WordCamp Bhopal.. Isn’t it? We are going to provide you handful reasons for being a part of WordCamp.

Do you know that WordCamp Bhopal is the only event to be conducted by WordPress community in central India this year. Complementary to other three WordCamps – Nashik , Pune and Mumbai (successfully organised in March) in India, immeasurable efforts are drawn by organisers and volunteers to make WordCamp Bhopal a remarkable event.

What’s it all about

WordCamp is an international conference where freelancers, developers, bloggers and publishers participate, sharing common interest owing to WordPress. The standard and esteem of this event is incomparable. Being an adjunct of WordCamp Bhopal, will not only amplify your interest in WordPress but also forge you as a lead in blogging business.


Interaction with WordPress Core contributers, Forum moderators, WordPress based businessmen or Automatticians will not only hike your profile but also fills your crave for web development, blogging and app development. We understand that WordPress means different things for different people and this is your chance to learn a little bit about those other things. WordPress means the business of theme or plugin or website building for some. Some use it to create, share and promote to the world. While for others it’s a tool to build and foster a community. WordPress means code to some while it means moving away from coding to others. We’ve got all of you sorted while being a fun and casual learning experience.

Time to grab something exciting

Also, are you aware of our Swag ? Yes we are providing you things for free like T-Shirts, stickers , temporary tattoos, etc. We want you to be mesmerized in the memories of our remarkable event even after its wind up.

We know that you have a passion for WordPress and we want to invite you to come share that with us. Book your tickets right at the moment they go live.

If you are registered already  – thanks for being awesome, make sure you’re registered for updates to this site using the form in the sidebar.

Call for Speakers

We are happy to announce that WordCamp Bhopal 2016 is officially accepting speaker applications.

We are currently looking for speakers who can inspire and inform attendees including: designers, developers, bloggers, and content strategists to talk about topics like:

  • Development
  • Marketing
  • WordPress environment
  • Community and beyond

The call for speakers will close on 15th August at midnight. The WordCamp Bhopal team will then contemplate and confirm which session will make the program within a short time thereafter. Everyone who submits a proposal for session will be informed.

Please be aware that speakers are not compensated for there presentation. Your presentation or workshop is a voluntary participation in the WordPress community also no reimbursement for travel and stay would be given. Speakers have to pay for there travel and stay just like attendees. Please be also aware that you may be filmed and that the video of your presentation can be available on WordCamp TV.

Who we’re looking for

  • A certain aptitude as a speaker (newbies welcome!).
  • Confirmed expertise in the subject you’ll be presenting.
  • A unique or different point of view.
  • A passion for WordPress and the desire to contribute to the community.


  • The session has to be related to WordPress.
  • Nothing’s too small, but some topics are too big: You should plan to be able to deliver your talk in about 25-30 minutes with time for questions. However, if your idea is for a very short talk, please apply. We’ll plan to have some micro-slots available.
  • Describe your audience and your talk: You should be able to describe what type of WordPress user will benefit from your talk. Are you talking to Developers? Designers? Bloggers? Or All of them. Also, please summarize what you’re planning to say in one medium-sized paragraph. It makes it easier for us to review. Thanks
  • Sessions in हिन्दी are welcome. So do not hesitate to Apply to speak in हिन्दी.

If you’d like to take the opportunity to come forward and talk to the community, discuss what you’ve learned, or anything else you want to share by speaking at WordCamp Bhopal , then submit the form below.


Call for Speakers is now closed

Call for Sponsors

The term ‘WordCamp’  epitomize an official WordPress event, organized by and for the community.

The WordCamps cumulate professionals, seasoned and ordinary users together. The profiles vary, ranging from web integrators to entrepreneurs and developers, but all share the same passion for WordPress and the possibilities of this CMS.

These are non-profit educational events, which aren’t possible to be organised without corporate financing and commitment of local volunteers.

WordCamp Bhopal is the first event of the local WordPress community of Bhopal. 300 participants are expected this year, including developers, designers, users, agencies, freelancers, volunteers and stakeholders. These will gather   together for a day, actively participating in WordPress’s conference.

Being sponsor of WordCamp

First of all, WordCamp Bhopal 2016 is a sponsored event, allowing organizers to have sufficient monetary funds to raise a one day event consisting of conferences and workshops, up-to the expectations of attendees.

It is going to be scrutinized by WordPress users and professionals at all levels, from beginner to advanced and affect hundreds of people of multiple skill levels and sectors.That associate your brand value of the open-source WordPress CMS, used by 25% of websites in 2015 .

Finally, it is contributing in a tangible manner abiding WordPress project, one of the best known open source projects at present.

How to sponsor WordCamp Bhopal 2016 ?

Consistent with WordCamp Central, the official body of WordCamps overall management of the team of organizers of WordCamp Bhopal has implemented several sponsorship levels allowing everyone to contribute to the event. These levels begin with the Golden level to Silver, Bronze or simply WordPress fans and friends who wish to support the event with more than the ticket price to any level for businesses.
All sponsors must agree to the sponsor agreement of WordCamp Bhopal 2016.

We are open to all sponsors, especially those related to WordPress and its ecosystem:

  • Companies and people who live through WordPress, preferably based in Bhopal and near region (without this being an obligation).
  • Companies useful to the local community: co-working space, schools, hosting and access providers, computer shops etc.

We have four levels of Sponsorship :

Gold Sponsorship: Rs. 50,000/-

  • Acknowledgement and thanks in opening and closing remarks of the event.
  • Dedicated blog post thanking each of our Gold Sponsor.
  • Logo & company details on the WordCamp Bhopal Website.
  • Large Desk at Networking Area for goodies and networking.
  • An advertising banner of your choice (size and location subject to validation).
  • Social Media Mentions: Multiple Mentions before, after and during event. Sponsor logo on Cover image.
  • Multiple Announcements during the event.
  • Logo on Sponsor Standee (Most prominent placement).
  • Allowed to have flyers or Giveaway in Attendee Kit.
  • Four entry passes to attend WordCamp Bhopal.

Silver Sponsorship: Rs. 25,000/-

  • Acknowledgement and thanks in opening and closing remarks of the event.
  • Dedicated blog post thanking each of our Silver Sponsors.
  • Logo & company details on the WordCamp Bhopal Website.
  • Single Desk at Networking Area for goodies and networking.
  • An advertising banner of your choice at second most prominent place (size and location subject to validation).
  • Social Media Mentions: Multiple Mentions before, after and during event
  • Mention in Pre-Break Announcements.
  • Logo on Sponsor Standee (Second Most Prominent Placement).
  • Allowed to have flyers or Giveaway in Attendee Kit.
  • Three entry passes to attend WordCamp Bhopal.

Bronze Sponsorship: Rs. 10,000/-

  • Acknowledgement and thanks in opening and closing remarks of the event.
  • Dedicated blog post thanking each of our Bronze Sponsors.
  • Logo & company details on the WordCamp Bhopal Website.
  • Social Media Mentions: Before & During Event.
  • Mention in Pre-Lunch Break Announcements.
  • Logo on the common Sponsor Standee.
  • Allowed to have flyers or Giveaway in Attendee Kit.
  • Two entry passes to attend WordCamp Bhopal.

Friends: Rs. 5,000/-

  • Acknowledgement and thanks in opening and closing remarks of the event.
  • Mention on Twitter and Facebook about your sponsorship.
  • Mention on the WordCamp Bhopal Website.
  • One entry pass to attend WordCamp Bhopal.

We are also interested in in-kind sponsorship deals, you can become WordCamp partner by directly funding a particular aspect: room hire, lunch, evening community, etc.  If you wish to become a partner of WordCamp Bhopal, use the contact form on the contact page instead of the sponsorship level.

Call for Sponsor is now Closed

Bhopal and WordCamp

The glorious month of September will witness the grand celebration of the WordPress Community Bhopal. WordCamp Bhopal 2016 is going to be the first ever event in the history of Bhopal at such a tremendous level , bringing laurels to the prestige of Bhopal.

WordCamp Bhopal 2016 will be a one of a kind event , organised by some college students who inherits passion for WordPress and a knack for open source.

Bhopal, the startling city

Also called as- The city of lakes, The city of Nawabs and the capital of Madhya Pradesh was originally founded by the 11th century ruler, Raja Bhoj and thus named Bhojpal. The present city was established by an Afgan named Dost Mohammad in 1770s.

The city has religious attractions like ancient temples, old mosques and the the imprints of the patricians of the city. The city has the traces of different primeval cultures from Hindus, Moguls to Buddhists and Afghan. Bhopal comprises of a fascinating blend of a scenic beauty with lakes, museums, statues, parks and resides the headquarters of the state government of Madhya Pradesh.

Major tourist attractions like Kanha Tiger Reserve, Sanchi Stupa, National Museum of Mankind, Moti Mazjid & Jama Mazjid, Bheembetka, Van Vihar are some which you should never miss while you are in Bhopal.

We Bhopalis are both foodaholics and affable. Don’t let the fast lane fool you about the fun you can have in Bhopal.

Inimitable WordCamp

The community comprehending college students as organizers and volunteers, not only established in accordance with an area of interest but their dedication, passion and enthusiasm made this WordCamp possible. The Wordcamp community comprises of freelancers, publishers, writers and developers sharing common interest, owed to WordPress.

Get engage with WordCamp Bhopal 2016.

If you’re Bhopali or live near Bhopal, you can join the Meetup group and start attending the meetups at WordPress Bhopal Meetup Group.

You can join us by volunteering, speaking or by sponsoring us. The forms will be out soon.

Do subscribe WordCamp Bhopal 2016 for regular updates and also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the same. You can contact organisers using the contact form and ask any question related to WordCamp Bhopal 2016.

Call for Volunteers

WordCamp Bhopal 2016 is on track.  The venue is, Lakshmi Narain College of Technology, Bhopal.

We already have some volunteers, who have been attending our regular monthly meetups. Please feel free to join the Bhopal WordPress Meetup group.

WordCamps are not possible without a community of volunteers. If you would like to volunteer please get in touch with us by filling in details in the form below.

One way of the best ways to volunteer is by spreading the word about WordCamp Bhopal.

Welcome to WordCamp Bhopal

We’re happy to announce that WordCamp Bhopal is officially on the calendar!

Subscribe using the form in the sidebar to stay up to date on the most recent news. We’ll be keeping you posted on all the details over the coming months, including speaker submissions, ticket sales and more!