Prathamesh sponsors 7 tickets for students.

WordCamp Bhopal pays their sincere thanks to Prathamesh Palve from Cybrogeeks corporation,  a Gujarat based IT services provider firm.

Prathamesh is subsidizing #WCBhopal 2016 tickets for 7 students at ₹250. These tickets are available to interested students who are unable to pay the amount for WordCamp Bhopal.

For tickets , contact : Deepansh – 8109109035

Hurry up fellas. Only 3 days left!

MilesWeb is a supporter as a Silver Sponsor


MilesWeb is a rapidly growing web hosting company based in India. Web hosting services offered by MilesWeb comprises of technology, uptime and 24x7x365 exclusive customer support. The company offers standard and custom made hosting solutions for all types of websites and businesses. The array of  their product range features Docker based WordPress hostingcPanel hosting,Reseller hostingVPS hosting, Email hosting, Dedicated Servers, Cloud hosting, eCommerce hosting, SSL certificates, Domain Name, CMS hosting etc. this is not all, they are constantly working towards adding new features and improvements to our product range. They have servers in multiple datacenters in India, UK, US and Romania.

The MilesWeb team carries over a decade’s experience in the web hosting industry. The team possesses excellent hosting knowledge and are always at your service to help and advise you. Customer service is the backbone of their business and this is where they really strive hard to make a difference.

If you are attending WordCamp Bhopal 2016 please be sure to stop by MilesWeb desk to say: Hello!

स्वतंत्रता की 70वीं सालगिरह के शुभ अवसर पर हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं

भारत देश में विविध संस्कृतियों,परंपराओं और शैलियों का समावेश है | भारत की अतुल्यता,विश्व गुरुता और अद्भुत्ता जगत प्रसिद्ध है | भारत की महिमा का वर्णन कुछ शब्दों में नहीं किया जा सकता |

स्वतंत्रता मानव का मूलभूत अधिकार है | जीव मात्र स्वयं की इच्छानुसार अपना जीवन यापन करना चाहता  है | हमारा भारत देश कई सदियों तक गुलामी का दंश सहता रहा | कारण था आपसी फूट, अनेकता, असाक्षरता, विदेशियो की कूटनीति आदि | भारत माता के सपूतों  के अथक प्रयासों और कुर्बानियों  के बाद १५ अगस्त सन १९४७ को दॆश को अपनी स्वतंत्रता प्राप्त हुई |

समय के साथ कई बाल सुधार हुए | साक्षरता,व्यवसाय और तकनीकी क्रांति का देश में नया अध्याय शुरू हुआ है | वर्डप्रेस का उद्द्शेय ही लोगो को ‘वेब साक्षर’ बनाना है जो कि देश की प्रगति का अटूट पहलू  है|

वर्डप्रेस समूह भोपाल आपको स्वतंत्रता दिवस के इस उपलक्ष्य पर आवह्नित करता है कि हम सब देश के युवा वेब से जुड़े और ‘स्वतंत्र’ रूप से अपना योगदान देश-समाज और स्वयं की उन्नति के लिए करे|

||मेरा भारत महान||

Wishing all a very happy Friendship Day

​”Life without friends is like a pen without ink, It is meaningless.”

Friendship is one of the most beautiful association which is divine, pious and above all blood relationship. It is a certain overlapping of life. Friend makes our good time amazing and tough time easier.  True friend bestows motherly care and fatherly concern. It is a sweet-sour bond which brother sister share. Friendship is a catalogue where you can find all the variants of colors of Knowledge, Compassion, understanding, love and vivid shades of human emotions. On this beautiful occasion we are thankful to its handful of friends who nourished and cherished us. Hope our relationship flourishes with time and we succeed in saga of life.

WordPress community Bhopal wishes everyone a very happy Friendship Day.

Bhopal and WordCamp

The glorious month of September will witness the grand celebration of the WordPress Community Bhopal. WordCamp Bhopal 2016 is going to be the first ever event in the history of Bhopal at such a tremendous level , bringing laurels to the prestige of Bhopal.

WordCamp Bhopal 2016 will be a one of a kind event , organised by some college students who inherits passion for WordPress and a knack for open source.

Bhopal, the startling city

Also called as- The city of lakes, The city of Nawabs and the capital of Madhya Pradesh was originally founded by the 11th century ruler, Raja Bhoj and thus named Bhojpal. The present city was established by an Afgan named Dost Mohammad in 1770s.

The city has religious attractions like ancient temples, old mosques and the the imprints of the patricians of the city. The city has the traces of different primeval cultures from Hindus, Moguls to Buddhists and Afghan. Bhopal comprises of a fascinating blend of a scenic beauty with lakes, museums, statues, parks and resides the headquarters of the state government of Madhya Pradesh.

Major tourist attractions like Kanha Tiger Reserve, Sanchi Stupa, National Museum of Mankind, Moti Mazjid & Jama Mazjid, Bheembetka, Van Vihar are some which you should never miss while you are in Bhopal.

We Bhopalis are both foodaholics and affable. Don’t let the fast lane fool you about the fun you can have in Bhopal.

Inimitable WordCamp

The community comprehending college students as organizers and volunteers, not only established in accordance with an area of interest but their dedication, passion and enthusiasm made this WordCamp possible. The Wordcamp community comprises of freelancers, publishers, writers and developers sharing common interest, owed to WordPress.

Get engage with WordCamp Bhopal 2016.

If you’re Bhopali or live near Bhopal, you can join the Meetup group and start attending the meetups at WordPress Bhopal Meetup Group.

You can join us by volunteering, speaking or by sponsoring us. The forms will be out soon.

Do subscribe WordCamp Bhopal 2016 for regular updates and also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the same. You can contact organisers using the contact form and ask any question related to WordCamp Bhopal 2016.

Welcome to WordCamp Bhopal

We’re happy to announce that WordCamp Bhopal is officially on the calendar!

Subscribe using the form in the sidebar to stay up to date on the most recent news. We’ll be keeping you posted on all the details over the coming months, including speaker submissions, ticket sales and more!