Learn how to build high quality WordPress agency in Bhopal!

India has the second largest population in the world. More than a million people are directly working in IT sector. Yet, WordPress agency or in general any software agency in India, or even in South Asia is often mistaken as that agency which does low quality work for ridiculously low rates!

Rahul Bansal

In 2007 a wise man named Rahul Bansal stumbled on WordPress, for customizing his blog. So here WordCamp Bhopal introduces you to the most distinguished speaker Rahul Bansal. He is going to deliberate his session on how he used innovative methods to hire people, what challenges he faced in motivating his employees to be core contributors, nurturing a culture of giving back to open source and how it all helped him to stand out.

Rahul Bansal is the founder and CEO of rtCamp situated in Pune. He is an amazing blogger, creative developer & designer and a innovative entrepreneur.

He loves planning out server architecture and development processes. he is passionate for technology, Nginx in particular.

He is a very fascinating and charming person incorporating with a interesting background.

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