Joining an Indian WordCamp is now easy for outsiders

It is very favorable for International associates to participate in WordCamp Bhopal. If you are troubled about your Indian Visa, worry not. Getting an Indian Visa is a very easy process. Go to the official website, 

and check whether you can get the visa on arrival or not, it depends on the country of your origin. Keep yourself ready with passport sized photograph, scan copy of your passport and other such documents. You have to pay a general amount of 60 USD online. It takes about 2-3 days to process your application. You will be notified by email about visa on arrival granted to you. Print this email and get with you.

In the airport follow the signs “Tourist visa on arrival”. There they will take your fingerprints and put the visa in your passport. And finally you are on your way to WordCamp Bhopal (^_^).

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4 thoughts on “Joining an Indian WordCamp is now easy for outsiders”

  1. While it’s great that WordCamp Bhopal is helping point out how easy it is for other nationals to reach the event.

    WordCamp’s are basically events for the local community, don’t forget to reach out to them and encourage more locals to participate and get involved.

    1. Yes we encourage local audience and we focus on the locals,
      It is just for the info to those who wish to join any WordCamp in India, so that they may know about India’s “Visa on Arrival” and hence VISA may not be an obstacle on their way. 🙂

      1. My comment is a general one because of the attitude where some previous WordCamp organisers were interested in just getting foreign speakers. Then there are business leaders who want WordCamps to have more foreigners read: prospect clients. I’m not against them thinking about business gains but it shouldn’t be at the cost of local community.

        Further Visas letters or helping these guests shouldn’t take up a lot of volunteer time.

        1. I understand your concern and appreciate it, here, i would like to tell you and everyone that we are not only concerned about calling out foreign speakers or Attendees, but our ultimate goal is to welcome all who maybe from India or outside it, and make the event open in all ways.

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