Why you should attend WordCamp Bhopal

Readers, this might be the first question wandering in your mind when you heard about WordCamp Bhopal.. Isn’t it? We are going to provide you handful reasons for being a part of WordCamp.

Do you know that WordCamp Bhopal is the only event to be conducted by WordPress community in central India this year. Complementary to other three WordCamps – Nashik , Pune and Mumbai (successfully organised in March) in India, immeasurable efforts are drawn by organisers and volunteers to make WordCamp Bhopal a remarkable event.

What’s it all about

WordCamp is an international conference where freelancers, developers, bloggers and publishers participate, sharing common interest owing to WordPress. The standard and esteem of this event is incomparable. Being an adjunct of WordCamp Bhopal, will not only amplify your interest in WordPress but also forge you as a lead in blogging business.


Interaction with WordPress Core contributers, Forum moderators, WordPress based businessmen or Automatticians will not only hike your profile but also fills your crave for web development, blogging and app development. We understand that WordPress means different things for different people and this is your chance to learn a little bit about those other things. WordPress means the business of theme or plugin or website building for some. Some use it to create, share and promote to the world. While for others it’s a tool to build and foster a community. WordPress means code to some while it means moving away from coding to others. We’ve got all of you sorted while being a fun and casual learning experience.

Time to grab something exciting

Also, are you aware of our Swag ? Yes we are providing you things for free like T-Shirts, stickers , temporary tattoos, etc. We want you to be mesmerized in the memories of our remarkable event even after its wind up.

We know that you have a passion for WordPress and we want to invite you to come share that with us. Book your tickets right at the moment they go live.

If you are registered already  – thanks for being awesome, make sure you’re registered for updates to this site using the form in the sidebar.

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Aditya Shah

Aditya is a freelance WordPress Developer. He’s the lead organizer and curator. Aditya has been learning and learning new things and technology which allows him to get the best out of everything! He is a student and currently pursuing bachelors of Engineering degree in Bhopal .