What is Wordcamp?

WordCamps are those casual, empowering,informative and inspiring conferences which are organised in order to make people aware of WordPress and everything related to it. Since years WordPress has been the largest self hosted blogging platform pertaining to nearly 26% of world websites. It is the biggest blogging and publishing software which empowers around 1/4th of the sites of web.

The first ever WordCamp event was organised in San Francisco in the year 2006. Subsequent to that, WordCamps are now organised by local WordPress communities throughout the world. WordCamps are special conferences which mainly focus on using WordPress in more emphatic ways, using its plugins ,theme development etc. WordCamps cover interactive sessions,guest lectures, presentations and many such educative talks which makes you aware to the Nerves of WordPress.

WordCamps are widely attended by people ranging from WordPress developers , professional to beginners and people who urge to learn new. The event is organised in such a way that, it turns out to be the most memorable day for all the attendees. It is open to all people from developers, designers to newbies. Not only the technocrats can build up their mind, but also for people with realistic talents like singing, dancing may also get bumped into you during the event. You’ll meet a lot a crazy talents out their to amplify your talent and produce astonishing .

WordCamps are probably the best deal that occurs in years at your place or maybe,You get to attend one as these are featured with experienced speakers from web world who are their to share their knowledge.

Unlike other conferences, it is a low-entitled conference which focuses on using of WordPress blogging, issues around blogging, the blogging business ,social media and things revolving around WordPress. Its a great opportunity for WordPress users and others to be a part of great communal activity , to learn and inspire.

So, If there’s already a WordCamp scheduled for your place, go for it. Hurry, because you never know when they run out tickets..!