Prathamesh sponsors 7 tickets for students.

WordCamp Bhopal pays their sincere thanks to Prathamesh Palve from Cybrogeeks corporation,  a Gujarat based IT services provider firm.

Prathamesh is subsidizing #WCBhopal 2016 tickets for 7 students at ₹250. These tickets are available to interested students who are unable to pay the amount for WordCamp Bhopal.

For tickets , contact : Deepansh – 8109109035

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WordCamp Bhopal 2016 Schedule

“Celebrate what you have accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed.”

So here we are to help you raise your bars. The official schedule for WordCamp is here not just interesting sessions for you but some delicious food and perks for you.

Find out what is the schedule given below,

9:00 am Registrations & Breakfast
10:00 am Inaugural Session, Introduction to WordCamp Bhopal 2016
10:30 am An introduction to WordPress by Puneet Sahalot
11:00 am Contributing to WordPressAlexander Gounder
11:30 am Break
11:40 am Why choose a career in open source (WordPress)Aditya Kane
12:10 pm Why We Indian Developers Fail… And what you can do about it..Nirav Mehta
12:40 pm Building high quality WordPress agency in India!Rahul Bansal
1:10 pm Lunch and Networking
2:30 pm Nurturing local WordPress community – Panel Discussion
3:10 pm How to Translate a WordPress Theme/PluginSwapnil Patil
3:40 pm Stop coding, start assembling your websitesAmit Singh
4:10 pm Break
4:30 pm Collaboration Oriented DevelopmentSaurabh Shukla
5:15 pm End Credits, Feedbacks & Goodbyes

Get ready to dive into the ocean of WordPress.

Puneet Sahalot is going to introduce WordPress

As the title goes, Puneet will introduce the audiences with WordPress. Starting with a brief history of how WordPress evolved from a blogging platform to a CMS. How WordPress is presently used to build not just blogs but, various kind of websites.

About Puneet:12032966_10153367663993096_8320812894727070090_n

Puneet started his career as a freelance WP developer in 2009 and moved on to building an exclusive WordPress design & development agency – IdeaBox Creations.

Over the period his interest in WordPress and the community kept growing. This lead into his contribution as a translator, meetup organizer, WordCamp speaker and a WordCamp organizer.

Alex sponsors 50 tickets for students

WordCamp Bhopal pays theirs sincere thanks to Alexander Gounder, Founder of Mumbai based digital agency  Ink my web.

Alex is subsidizing #WCBhopal 2016 tickets for 50 students at ₹200. These tickets will be available to interested students in the seminars & regular meetups of WordPress Bhopal Community.

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Nirav will let you know Why We Indian Developers Fail… And what you can do about it..

We are Indian Developers. What China is to manufacturing, India is to software development. Cheap, Bulk, Inferior Quality. And let’s face the truth, for the most part, that argument is not wrong. Consider your colleagues and co-workers. Do you think they have great talent? Are they very good developers?

The sad thing is that we did not design ourselves for mediocrity and failures. It’s the way our brains are wired. In most cases, we don’t even know we are lousy. Let’s take this opportunity to look within and uncover the deepest sources of our biggest limitations. Let’s dig to the roots of our reality. Because awareness precedes change!

About Nirav

Nirav is referred to as an entrepreneur geek. One who likes technology as much as businesses. nirav-in-panel-with-mic

Nirav has built a rather impressive resume over the last 17 years. He launched India’s first electronic magazine at the age of 18, started a thriving web agency at 19, and was asked to exit the company he started at 30. From that low, he made a heroic return, turned around the company and went on to create string of seven businesses. He is not a serial entrepreneur, he is a parallel entrepreneur! He’s authored two books, spoken at various events and conferences, contributed to open source and community, written some fancy code and got gray hair at early age.

Nirav and his team have created some of the most popular WooCommerce plugins. And they also have a lot of plugins on the WordPress plugins repo – with over 100,000 active installs collectively. You can learn more about his WordPress solutions from: http://www.storeapps.org and

BuddyBoss is our Bronze Sponsor

We are happy to announce BuddyBoss as our bronze Sponsor.

BuddyBoss helps entrepreneurs to create successful BuddyPress communities. We build and sell a suite of products for building social networks, including themes, plugins and packaged solutions. We have a team of specialized designers and developers who understand BuddyPress inside and out. Oh, and we’re hiring.

Our goal is to spread the word about BuddyPress, to contribute to the BuddyPress community, and to help organizations build fantastic, lively communities for their fans and followers.

You can Follow BuddyBoss on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

Aditya Kane on ‘why choose a career in open source’

A major topic that should be addressed at every WordCamp where all the tech lovers are present.

aditya kaneAditya Kane in his talk will speak about What is open-source.OSS impact on the world Free and open web.Why we need to protect it? Why WordPress GPL, Software as philosophy, career prospects and What should you be doing for a career in open source.

About Aditya

Aditya loves open source projects and discuss them with passion.He has been involved in WordPress ecosystem for over seven years now.

Aditya was also the co-organiser of WordCamp mumbai for the year 2014-15-16. He now works as chief cultural officer at Yapapaya.